This book explains how to build a sustainable, safe and effective home yoga practice from scratch, step-by-step.

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You’ll learn:

  • What is the philosophy of yoga and what it means to practise yoga (and no, it’s not only about the physical poses).

  • Why a personal practice at home is key to deepening your yoga journey, whether you are just starting out or have been practising for years.

  • How to set up good foundations for a safe, sustainable and effective home yoga practice.

  • How to practise foundational yoga poses and sequences with detailed descriptions and pictures.

  • How to practise 4 yoga sequences with different themes, complete with step-by-step instructions, descriptions, and detailed pictures.

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Who should read this book?

This book can be a stepping stone for you to set up strong foundations of a self-paced practice before you move on to online yoga classes which are generally faster with less instructions.

  • People who do not have home yoga practice and like structured, step-by-step instructions on how to get started quickly on a strong foundation.

  • People who want to be more in-tune with their bodies and deepen their self-awareness through a personal and independent practice.

  • People who prefer to practise at their own pace or are not ready yet to follow an online yoga class.

  • Those who are not only interested in physical poses but also yoga practices related to mind-body-soul connection.

Meet Candy

Hey guys, this is Candy, your teacher for this book. Many of you know me as the founder of The YogaMad website where I help busy urban people get fit and healthy at home, through the power of yoga.

I wasn’t always a yoga girl. I only stumbled upon yoga out of desperation – desperation to get moving and improve my mental health while recovering from ankle injuries. 

Since the starting days, I’ve done yoga mostly at home. It was the only way to fit in exercise and self-care practices in my busy schedule. 

I tried following yoga videos – they were great! BUT they were too much for me then, a new yoga student, and I preferred something which I can do at a slower pace, at MY pace. So I started using yoga apps and reading yoga books to help me practice.

It’s been an amazing journey 8+ years on, and I have progressed from books and apps to video classes. I have also progressed from a stressed and unfit, to fit and injured, to my current place of inner strength, physical wholeness and mind-body-soul alignment.

I am grateful to the yoga practice for this transformation. And yes, I became a professional yoga teacher on the way, because this transformation is too good to keep to myself.

If you are just starting out on your yoga journey and want to build a strong foundation for your practice, you can do that RIGHT NOW, with me guiding you through step by step of the way.


This is NOT a traditional yoga book. I wrote it in order to teach you how to build a home yoga practice from scratch in the shortest time possible. Most of the book is focused on the actual practice, covering both physical and mental aspects of learning, and less on theory.
Home Yoga for Beginners - Book Image

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much experience do I need to start the Home Yoga Toolkit?

    There is no real requirement to start the course. This book is meant to help yogis kickstart their practice – it looks at basic concepts and details each pose so that you can slowly build up your experience.

  • How much time will I need for the practices?

    The practices in the book do not have a fixed schedule and you can go as fast or as slow as you need. Each routine takes 15-45 minutes (sometimes longer or shorter depending on the pace of your practice). You are free to adjust which poses or sequences you do, based on your experience, time available, and preferences.

  • Is this worth my investment?

    A book of this length and detail is typically valued at $25-30. You are getting it at 50% less. So yes, this is definitely worth your investment!

  • Can I find any of this information free online?

    Nope, not really. 90% of the free information on yoga is incredibly fragmented and incomplete. This is the nature of the internet. Of course, you can try to hunt for all the information in the book on your own, but you will be spending hundreds or thousands of hours like I did while trying to build my home yoga practice.

  • How is the content delivered?

    The book is delivered as a downloadable PDF file. Any bonus content will be delivered either in text format or video files.

  • Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

    Absolutely. If you go through this book, implemented the classes and do not see any results, you can email us within 5 days of purchase for a refund. All we ask is that you provide evidence that you have tried the classes or methods in the book and they have not worked for you. You can email with a return request and we will take care of the rest.

  • Any other questions?

    If you have any other questions that were not answered here, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you will find this book valuable if you are trying to build a home practice. See for yourself by purchasing the book, reading it and practising it. If you have tried the classes or methods in the book and they have not worked for you, I don’t want your money. Just let me know within 5 days and I’ll refund every penny.

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